Smart Integration Solutions
Smart Integration Solutions

QMotion specialise in providing wireless window covering solutions for the home, hospitality or office environment. Whereas traditional motorised window coverings require a qualified electrician to install 240v wiring power wiring for the blind motor the QMotion solution requires no wiring at all.

With QMotion you can integrate almost all the recognised branded third party drivers to operate the shades with your system. Communication is possible via a Zigbee network or via RS485 using the QMotion QIS system.

The shades themselves have quiet motors and a unique manual override and yes, they come with an encoded motor that automatically works out where the blinds intermediate and aligned stop positions need to be placed. If the positioning does not suit your client requirements no problem you can manually override these and set new custom positions to suit almost every requirement without the need for any specialist programing at all.

With unique inbuilt technology, the QMotion EMEA shade also provides a dual control feature that allows the user to operate the shade manually. By simply tugging the bottom bar you can lower the shade or send the shade back up to either its last pre-set position or to a fully raised position, bringing a new level of convenience to blind controls.

100% Wireless

New Build Wired Solution

Remote Control

iPhone / Android

Virtually Silent

Easy Setup

Up to 3 Year Life

Home Automation Friendly


Smart Home

QMotion Blinds can be controlled by your blind through a home automation system or easily add the blind as a device our blind to an Amazon® Echo Plus without the need for an expensive bridge.

Lost your remote?

Not a problem! QMotion have a patented manual override feature which allows the blind to be moved by hand without the need for a remote control. Simply give the blind a gentle pull to get them started.

Control multiple blinds

QMotion multi-channel remote controls 5 individual blinds or 5 groups of blinds all with one remote control. Each channel can have an unlimited number of blinds programmed to it.

Super large & wire free

QMotion are the industry leaders in making the largest blinds with quiet motors, manual override and easily replaceable and affordable alkaline batteries. The QMotion Roller system is available in sizes up to 3800mm wide x 4500mm drop.

Small edge gaps

QMotion Blinds have industry leading small edge gaps from fabric to wall. The Roller blind has 13mm gaps each side and the Roman blind is only 4mm each side. Other normal motorised systems have off set or larger gaps.

Unmatched quietness

QMotion engineers developed a blind with quiet operation for a beautiful and peaceful experience. It’s no longer the standard to have to accept noisy blind motors that can wake you up or stop a conversation when they operate.


Please download the brochure attached to suit your requirements. We have many systems and ways of controlling QMotion Blinds so please feel free to contact us on +44 (0) 1908 047980 should you have any queries